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You probably want to listen to some music while you're at it... I'm a DJ at Vassar's WVKR. My WXBC playlist pages are here. If not some of my archived shows from my WFMU DJ days can be found here. Also worth checking out are my photos of musicians. I used to have a show on KZSU, so if you want to check out my old old playlists, you can. (No playlists from my WRPI shows exist I don't think... nor from the WPEA show "The Family Hour" I sat in on with Andrew Sundelin.)


Hundreds, different places, different sights.


There are a handful of animations here in QuickTime format.

Other Stuff!

Here's some artwork that I like done by others. Some of the people are my friends, and have given me permission to put their stuff up here. Some people are probably less likely to be my friends since I've put up their great work without asking them.

What is Warui?

Some things that are warui. Some things that are not warui.

If you like an image OF MINE (that is, Stefan , your humble narrator) enough to use it in your own work, you have my permission to do so, provided you do not yourself copyright the work you use it in. You can use my images you find here in whole, in pieces, or whatever. The artwork that others have done is copyright by the artist, and I have no say in whether you may or may not copy it or use it.

If you're going to sell stuff that includes my artwork or photos, it would be nice to know about it, and it would be even nicer to get some money which might enable me to do more art and less unix system adminstration or sybase dba work or whatever.

For some opinions on copyrights that I may agree with check out Anti-Copyright over on mayhem.


Ecommerce Section! No web site should be without one these days. Well, I spent some of my youth reading comic books. Most of my acquaintances have over the years been getting rid of their comic collections, and maturing. Not me, I've been buying or accepting the comics that come my way. This does lead to some duplicate comics. I'm a fanatical completist, but I don't need duplicates, so they're here for sale.

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