991112 Detritus Night at Art Rattan Warehouse, Oakland

SF Weekly Article about this evening.

STEEV HISE spoke along with a recording of himself introducing the evening's events, and then his words got more out of sync with his recordings. Occasional stabs at the laptop produced radio sample clips such as "alternative and country" etc. to go with the layers of speech. Among other things, Steev read a little bit from a book on copyright stuff as part of the performance.

WOBBLY put on a long set of very brief samples shredded, and then played back apparently through some kind of electric drum interface, computer button presses, and whatnot. Lots of hip hop samples among other sounds. The pace was very fast, the samples brief, the performer rocking out to the music.

Wobbly explains his system after his performance.

Thomas Dimuzio and the Jet Black Hair People played brief video loops, made lots of enjoyable abrasive noise, and mixed up samples including the likes of Rush and Slayer, as well as that song that says those boots are gonna walk all over you...

CARL STONE played an active sample cut up piece. It was much louder and more abrasive than the last thing I saw him perform in Kobe which made me happy.

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