Mexico: Guadalajara, San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato, etc. (I haven't pruned out the not-so-hot photos yet.)

Museo Hospicio Cabanas., Guadalajara

Miscellaneous Guadalajara

San Miguel De Allende

Walking tour of San Miguel De Allende

More San Miguel De Allende

Atotonilco, self flagellation church.

Outlandish house not far from Atotonilco.

Further adventures with Paul Guerin


Guided by Paul Guerin through Guanajuato.

Glass blowing in San Miguel De Allende...

Touring the countryside with Jesus.

Jesus brought us to an old ranch as well.

And finally Jesus brought us to a bridge, and a supposedly sacred church temple thing.

More San Miguel De Allende

Guadalajara andt in search of Monarch butterflies.


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