Up last was SICKING MOTHER FUCKING KODOKU. Minagawa (who puts out Nega-zine) tells me this:

KODOKU means loneliness. His solo performance unit always changes it's name.
HITORI SARU SHIBAI ( it means....Solitary monkey play)
KODOKU BAKA SHIBAI ( it means....Lonely stupid play)
RAINBOW ACTION KODOKU ( it means....Rainbow action Loneliness)
And he is member of DAIMYO GYORETSU (noise unit in Osaka)

Sicking Mother Fucking Kodoku started out by stomping around to the music, and pretending to sing. Samples of all genres were his tape accompanyment to his squealing and whimpering and barking into the microphone. He played the bass part of his bass and guitar unit only for just a little while.

The eyes of the above mask were flashing brightly in the dark of the club. My flash makes it seem like the room was bright, but actually the lights were dim.

From the looks of that white paint and those boots, I think Kodoku also appeared at the Hikone Personal Music Party in Part 2 (without makeup) and in Part 3 (toward the bottom of the page)

Playing before this lonely guy were Bathtub Shitter, Coa and Deathtouch.

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