99-01-23 Bears

I really liked all the band in this show, but I have one major complaint. Too short! If you ignore the amount of time taken to set up and break down, the three bands combined could not have played more than half an hour. 10 minute sets each, if that. Just when I started to enjoy the bands they were over.

I was too far back to get any good pictures of Food. I liked them though. The incomprehensible photo you see is the bassist from Food. He barked into the microphone while pounding his bass and producing wonderful static and droning sounds with it. The other member of Food was a drummer, who played fast grind style drums pretty much the whole time through, if my memory serves.

Real Reggae came on and did a moment or two of mellow reggae sounds before blasting away into speedy frantic grindcore. There were some reggaeish interludes later on as well; enjoyable variation, but no Bad Brains or anything.




World started things off with some samples, and then the two singers growled, yelled and shrieked into their mics while the drummer hit his drums as fast as he could. A few more samples now and then spiced things up. Lots of raw energy put out by just two vocalists yelling at the crowd. No guitars.

I took a video of their 1999-02-22 show.


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