We sat at the fountain on a hot day in August, and watched the water occasionally jet up and coverthe nude woman in the center, leaving her metal body glistening. We thought Nagoya was pretty dead.Then we noticed from our literature that we were above one of the underground malls that sprawledfrom subway entries. When we went down to investigate, we found the city teeming with people, in a nice, air conditioned shopping oriented environment. It was really strange that this had beengoing on right below us without us having any idea.

The next photo is a vending machine for hot food... Just pull a string, and a chemical reaction heats your food...

Bicycles are everywhere, and used by everyone, young and old, male and female.

That's Kath at the conference center

Finally a picture of a bunch of Elvis impersonators blasting ear splitting Elvis, and dancing withleather jackets on in the extremely hot sun.

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