Some people have suggested that I have a little more about myself on my web site, so here's a page addressing that. Aside from doing the artwork you can see on these pages and doing a radio show, I spend much remaining time doing computer noodling and consulting to pay the rent and travel costs.

Nara, Japan '97

Yogyakarta, Indonesia '95

Dharamsala, India '97

Joshua Tree, CA '95

Ulster County, NY

Bruce & Ruth's wedding, Mountain View, CA

Pointing camera at myself, home, San Francisco, CA

Pointing camera at myself, old van, Palo Alto, CA

Berkeley hills, CA '98

Anarchist book fair with my artwork on display, San Francisco, CA '99

Dharamsala, India '97

Venice Beach, LA, CA '92

College, Troy, NY '89

High School, Exeter, NH '87

Niagra Falls, NY

The pair that brought me into this world:

And faithful Karmann Ghia:

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